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Are you grappling with clogged pipes? Rest assured, we have the solution. Our expertise lies in clearing both simple and intricate blockages using the “snaking” or rodding technique on drain lines. For straightforward clogs, the Illinois Sewer & Drain team employs drain augers, commonly referred to as drain snakes, to efficiently eliminate obstructions. When facing more complex clogging issues, trust our skilled professionals to rod your drain using our complimentary fiber optic cameras. This allows us to inspect our work, ensuring quality and efficiency as we expertly un-clog your drains.

Although power rodding/drain cleaning/snaking is the most common approach to clearing/maintaining your clogged and slow running drains. From simple drains like clogged/slow running sinks and bathtubs to more complicated and stubborn floor drains,building drains,drain tile and sewer lines. You have more options!

Illinois Sewer and Drain uses the latest in drain cleaning equipment including all sizes of manual and power drain rodding machines,sewer video inspection cameras,underground drain locating with pinpoint accuracy. And when stubborn drains won’t clear we use the latest Hydro-Jetting equipment to clear even the heaviest tree root and grease build up clogs.

Illinois- Sewer & Drain drain cleaning

Illinois Sewer and Drain is your second opinion specialist. Call us before any expensive digging or excavating in your home or your property. Many times, we can offer several options that may be able to solve your issue without expensive digging. Sometimes digging/excavating a broken underground drain line is unavoidable. In these cases we are a licensed and insured plumbing contractor with all of the Heavy equipment and resources to start and finish any job you may have without big company overhead costs. Our vast experience and top notch equipment coupled with the ability to acquire Permitting on private and public property. We will deliver a better job at a lower cost than our competitors.

Clear a Clogged or Slow Drain

I can't say enough good things! They arrived within one hour, were so friendly and helpful and worked diligently to clear the tub drain. They have found a customer for life! Well done, Guys!

Clean Out a Sewer

They arrived promptly on time for their appointment. They knew exactly what to do and have all the professional equipment needed. Very pleased with the results and will use and or recommend again! -Rick D

Drain Rodding is the solution – Not Store Bought Chemicals

Illinois Sewer & Drain has been inundated with calls from residential customers dealing with plumbing issues stemming from inadequate drain cleaning and clog relief. A common misconception involves turning to store-bought chemicals to address surface-level debris, but this method fails to address the root cause and can contribute to the corrosion of your plumbing pipes. If you’re experiencing issues such as drains backing up or operating slower than usual, investing in temporary solutions like drain cleaners is not the optimal choice. Instead, turn to Illinois Sewer & Drain for a prompt, effective, and cost-efficient resolution. We provide a range of drain rodding and cleaning services tailored for homes in Lake Villa, IL, and the greater Chicago Area.

Among the most prevalent plumbing challenges homeowners face is dealing with clogged drains. While various causes can lead to drain clogs, it’s crucial to promptly address the issue, regardless of its origin. While minor drain and pipe clogs may be manageable through DIY efforts, for more substantial challenges, the skilled plumbers at Illinois Sewer & Drain are ready to assist. We offer routine drain cleaning services that can be conveniently scheduled, as well as emergency services for immediate solutions.

Drain Cleaning starting at $99.00

When you choose Illinois Sewer & Drain for your drain cleaning needs in the Lake Villa, IL area, you can trust that the job will be done right the first time. Our plumbing professionals are equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques to effectively eliminate any clog, ensuring a thorough and efficient resolution.

Power Rodding

Power rodding, akin to the conventional drain snake, is a method employed by our skilled plumbing professionals. It entails using a lengthy and flexible metal cable that is pushed into the drain system to eliminate significant blockages causing your drains to clog. This straightforward approach ensures the extended life of your drain while effectively removing any debris that may be compromising the integrity of your pipe walls. For power rodding services on your kitchen or bathroom drains, contact our experts at Illinois Sewer & Drain today and schedule a drain cleaning service conducted by our certified plumbers.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting has stood the test of time as a reliable method employed by plumbers for decades to clean drains and sewer lines effectively. By utilizing high-pressure water, hydro jetting efficiently removes heavy grease and tree root clogs from household drains, ensuring the elimination of buildup and the restoration of your plumbing system to its optimal condition. While routine hydro jetting isn’t typically necessary for residential plumbing systems, it can prove highly beneficial if you’re contending with persistent clogs. If you believe your plumbing system and sewer lines could benefit from a water jetting service, don’t hesitate to reach out to Illinois Sewer & Drain! Our hydro jetting services are essential when facing the following issues:

  • Stubborn Clogs
  • Grease or Oil Buildup
  • Hard Water Sediment Buildup
  • Hair and Dirt
  • Food Product Buildup
  • Lawn Clippings, Leaves, & Branches
  • Sewer Buildups
  • Kitchen Pipes & Drain Cleaning
  • Main Sewer Line Clogs
  • Removing Tree Roots
  • Prepping Pipes for An Epoxy Lining
  • Old Piping That Cannot Tolerate
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Bathtubs
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Commercial sinks
  • Lavatory sinks
  • Laundry tubs
  • Utility sinks
  • Drain tile
  • Storm sewer
  • Gutter drains
  • Floor drains
  • Catch basins
  • Sink lines

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